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Irena Prodanova



15 Aug 2017

NEW classes

Start of new classes Cha Cha and On2 (Advanced)
16 Aug 2017

NEW classes

Start of new classes Lady styling and On2 (Intermediate)
23 Sept 2017

Bielefeld, Germany

30 Sept 2017

Beerse, Belgium

3-5 Oct 2017

Amsterdam Festival

Performance (http://www.salsacongress.nl/)
10-12 Nov 2017

Berlin Salsa Congress, Germany

Performances + workshops (https://www.berlinsalsacongress.co/)
24-26 Nov 2017

Dusseldorf Festival, Germany

Performance (http://www.euro-festival.com/)


We offer

ON1 and ON2

New York Style

A fun class with teachers with around 9 to 15 years of experience, who themselves still teach and perform around Europe and beyond. 

Teaching you proper technique for ladies and men. (how to lead and to follow) Essential physical basics in stepping, body movement and musicality!!


Give your style more elegance

Ladies Styling: the real deal !!!   Nowadays styling is being taught as a commodity with as sole purpose a nice hand or arm movement. When you start to grow this will frustrate a female dancer because it doesn't work or feel right. The reason is that you probably haven't had the correct explanation of what you are doing from a technical point of view. 

In our ladies styling we teach you how to use your body, arms and feet. Styling is a technique that brings out the grace and beautiful feminine side in you, whilst still actually dancing and not interfering with your partnering.